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Tips in Choosing the Right Adult Adult Diaper
2019-12-03 17:14:14

Don’t worry, picking out an adult diaper is easier than it looks! Just follow these 4 simple steps below and it’ll be alright.




    Adult diapers are not only meant for the elderly who are terminally ill or bed-ridden with limited mobility. On the contrary, it is for anyone who faces incontinence.

    Incontinence is nowadays becoming more prevalent among younger Malaysian Women who lead active lifestyles.

    Identifying the mobility condition becomes an essential part of choosing a diaper.


    Leakage Condition

      There are several types of urinary incontinence that lead to different leakage conditions.

      Determine if you have a light or heavy flow.



    Lifree’s Suggestion

      Lifree offers a wide range of products to solve incontinence issues for different conditions.

      Pants type diapers are for those who are able to walk and stand independently.

      • Ultra Slim Pants for light flow – 50% slimmer** and Low Waist Cut. It is as comfortable as wearing an underwear without leakage!